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Birthdate:Dec 17
Made in Japan
Banned in America
Retired stripper
Ex junkie
Still trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together.

Currently seeking active journals to add. If you're semi-interesting and not too comment-needy, let us add each other and share our dirty little secrets :)

Interests (132):

addiction, adventure time, aliens, alternative, ambien, amethyst, anxiety, aquamarine, art, asia, attempting to cook, baking, bitch puddin, bittersweet memories, bjork, blade runner, body art, borderline personality disorder, boy hits car, boys, bunnies, cats, cicadas, creativity, creepy shit, creepypasta, crying, crystals, cute lil caterpillars, dancers, dancing with eyes shut, darkness, depression, design, dioramas, diy kids, dnb, doberman pinschers, drawing, dream diaries, dreaming, dreams, drugs, drum'n'bass, dubstep, edm, electronica, fabric softener, false awakenings, filter, finn and jake, flame princess, fragrances, fresh laundry, friendly little imaginary creatures, friends that get you, ghb, ghosts, go-go dancers, going to india, greyhounds, heroin, holding hands, india, insects, intense flying dreams, isolation, jungle, kawaii pet megu, ketamine, kittens, lotus flowers, love, lucid dreaming, lukewarm baths, making out, melancholia, mental illness, meow, monsters, mor marshmallow, more meows, morocco, my cat moon, nine inch nails, our lady peace, paprika, photography, purring kitties, reading, red hot chili peppers, rock, salukis, science fiction, seahorses, serpents, sleazy things, sleep, sleeping asmuch as possible, sleeping in, sleeping late, slinky shadow creatures, slithery things, smiling and meaning it, snakes, space, space music, space travel, stagnation, stilnox, strippers, swallowtail, tattoos, terrariums, the cell, the life aquatic, the royal tenenbaums, the stilnox diet, third eye blind, tokyo, tree trunks, trying to grow up, turquoise, unicorns, vanity, vivariums, walking at night, wallowing in self-pity, wanderlust, weight loss, wes anderson, whale songs
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